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Get The Electronic EDGE over your competitionGoose hunting blinds have evolved from military netting draped over conduit into portable layout blinds.electronic goose call Using the new layout style goose blinds will make you a more successful and comfortable goose hunter. The days of digging a shallow grave and covering up with weeds will be deemed ineffective and too much work once you understand how to effectively use a layout blind. Below is a list of suggestions for improving your goose hunting success while using low profile layout blinds.

Quality layout goose hunting blinds are covered in camouflage cordura and have stubble straps sewn into the blind. Choose the camouflage pattern that works best for your area. When you first purchase the blind, grab a five-gallon pail and fill it 1/3 full will black dirt. Next fill the rest of the bucket up with water and mix until the texture is a paste. Now take a broom and completely cover the outside of your goose hunting blind with the mud paste and let dry. This is commonly called mudding a blind. What you are actually doing is knocking down the shine prevalent on cordura material. I mud my blinds every year.

The biggest advantage a layout goose hunting blind provides is portability. The portable nature of these low profile goose blinds will let you hunt the exact location you saw birds in the night before. Instead of setting up your decoy spread near a fence line or drainage ditch and hiding in the weeds, set it up exactly where the geese were feeding. If you are hunting geese under a flight path, hunt in the middle of the largest field in the area. Incoming geese will feel secure not having to land next to any tall weeds that could be hiding predators. This advantage alone will dramatically up your success rate on both Canada geese and snow geese.

Goose Hunting BlindThe low profile these blinds provide allows you to hunt inside your decoy spread without being seen. This will allow your goose calling and flagging to be coming from within your spread. This translates into a more realistic spread and more dead birds.

When setting your blind out, make sure to stuff available vegetation and crop stubble into the small stubble straps sewn on the blind. Do not cut corners here. The natural vegetation will make your blind disappear to incoming geese. Once set up, surround the blind with decoys. Preferable decoys with a higher profile like full bodies and silhouette decoys. These decoys will further conceal your goose hunting blind to incoming geese. Make a special note on sunny days to place decoys within the shadow your hunting blind makes. This is a common mistake made by novice goose hunters using layout style blinds.

Using goose hunting l ayout blinds will h elp you consistently decoy Canada geese and Snow geese closer for more and cleaner kills. For more goose and duck hunting tips please read other articles located at duck and goose hunting tips.

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