How to Blow a Duck Call

The following system is very effective when trying to teach yourself or someone else how to blow a duck call. This is what I do with clients to help them become a proficient duck caller and it works!

Become a better duck caller by starting out with the right tools.

Buy yourself a good quality call. Life is to busy to waste precious time practicing with a poor quality duck call that will deliver nothing but poor duck sounds.

Learn how to properly hold your duck call.

Properly Hold Duck CallPicture 3 show the proper way to hold your call. Hold the insert of the call with your trigger hand. This way you can safely hold your gun and call at the same time.

Learn proper lip placement.

Lips On Duck CallsFigure 4,5 shows proper lip placement. Imagine you are drinking from a pop bottle.

Deliver air into the call from your diaphragm to get a low ducky reference note.

If you hold your hand up to your mouth while delivering air from your diaphragm, it will be warm and moist. Just like when you are trying to clean your favorite pair of sun glasses.

Learn how to quack

Once you have mastered the low ducky reference note. Say the word whit, dwit, or kwit to get a short ducky sound. Learn to quack with each of these reference words to sound like three different ducks.

Learn to put together a series of 5 quacks.

Start the first quack slightly higher pitched and longer and end with a short and low quack. This 5 note series is often referred to as a greeting call. It will become your bread and butter duck calling sound.

Learn to do a feeding call

Say the reference words ticka, ticka, ticka, or dugga, dugga, dugga into your call to sound like a feeding mallard.

Practice, Practice, Practice

MattIf you practice the above techniques, and supplement the above guide with extra calling instruction from a duck calling cd and practice each day while driving back and forth to work. You will become a better caller and learn how to properly blow a duck call!

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