Rotary Machine Snow Goose Decoy

Rotary Machine Snow Goose Decoy

Rotary Decoy Machine

$229.00 - $278.90

Do not buy another snow goose decoy until you have one of these rotary machines in your spread!

We started using one of these rotary machine during the filming of our snow goose hunting movie “SnoMen”. As you can see by watching the product video above, they are simply deadly!

Snow geese almost attack these machines when they come in. If there was anything close to a “robo duck” of snow goose hunting. This is it!

Click below to watch a HUGE flock of snows literally land on this machine:

Each machine has two arms that extend out over 8ft and can be adjusted for height with a turn of a screw. Included with each rotary machine is a remote that has a speed control and a on/off switch. All you need to make this machine run is a small 12 volt motorcycle battery.

Each rotary machine is $229.00. You also need two snow goose flyers at a price of $24.95 each to put on the end of each pole.

Add one to your spread and start killing more geese by clicking Add to Cart above!

Info & Reviews

Tip: This is the most effective decoy I have ever used! - Chris Holste

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