Snow Screamer Snow Goose Call

Snow Screamer Snow Goose Call

"Snow Screamer". Ultra loud and realistic snow goose call


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Welcome Snow Goose hunters. The “Snow Screamer” snow goose call will provide you with the volume and realism necessary to consistently kill more snow geese.

The “Snow Screamer” will have you barking, crying, and hiccuping like a dominant old snow goose at a realism level that is nothing short of extreme.

You’re asking what makes the “Screaming Snow” snow goose call so effective?

Extreme Volume and Realism!

During field testing of are now famous “Snow Talker” snow goose recordings, we found the louder we turned up the volume on the e-call, the better the snow geese worked.

The problem with cranking up the volume was are snow goose calls (at the time we did not make a snow goose call) could not be heard. Once I got back into the shop, I went to work on making the loudest snow goose call I could. The result was the “Snow Screamer”.

The “Snow Screamer” snow goose call is available in white acrylic. Buy the most effective snow goose call you can hang on your lanyard today by clicking the add to cart image above.

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Tip: Gone are the days of hunting snows over white diapers and poorly sounding snow goose calls that are anything but loud. Successful snow goose hunters today are using realistic decoys and ultra loud and realistic snow goose calls like the "Snow Screamer".

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