Electronic Snow Goose Call Speakers

Electronic Snow Goose Call Speakers


These electronic snow goose call speakers are the exact speakers we have been running for the last 5 seasons with great success. The speakers are large enough to put out crisp clear volume, yet small enough to hide within your decoys.  

Did you watch the product video below from one of our spring hunts using these speakers? 
You can experience the same reaction from snow geese by using these speakers on your next hunt!

Each speaker is a 5" x 8" high quality, heavy duty weather resistant horn speaker and is ideal for making your own electronic snow goose call.

In snow goose hunter terms this means "It kills geese!".

Each snow goose speaker is capable of handling up to 30 watts RMS, 40 watts max. Frequency response from 450 Hz to 10,000 Hz. 8 ohm impedance. Made from high impact ABS plastic.     

We buy these speakers in large quantities to provide you with the incredible price of 24.95 per speaker!


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Tip: For the widest range of coverage, take advantage of each channel your CD / Tape player has to offer.  For example if you have a 4 channel CD / Tape player, we recommend using 4 speakers.

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