Snow Talker Electronic Snow Goose Call

Snow Talker Electronic Snow Goose Call

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CD, Tapes, and MP3 Files are available.  MP3 Files available for immediate download!

Welcome. The electronic snow goose call "Snow Talker" by Performance Calls is the clearest, most realistic snow goose recording on the market.  By using the deadly "Snow Talker" recordings in your electronic goose call, you will kill more snow geese.

Snow Goose TapeWe hired professional nature recording artists to record the sounds of feeding and flying snow geese.  The result was the theclearest most realistic snow goose recording on the market.  The deadly "Snow Talker" recordings are available in cassette tape, CD, and MP3.

Why is the "Snow Talker" more effective than other Snow Goose Recordings? 

Unlike earlier recorded versions of snow geese, the "Snow Talker" snow goose CD/tape does not contain any success limiting background noises like wind, airplanes, tweedy birds, automobiles, or the recording of human's playingconventional snow goose calls.   It only contains the clearest most effective snow goose recordings on the market.  This deadly clarity lets you blast your e-caller louder than ever before and not experience the distortion so common on other snow goose recordings. 

Recording Length:

CD's are 60 Minutes Long

Tapes are 40 Minutes Long

MP3 Files are 40 Minutes Long

Info & Reviews

Spring Snows taken while using "Snow Talker" recordings!


As an outfitter I hunt snow geese over 40 days a spring and "Snow Talker" is hands down the best snow goose sounds I've ever used! Over the years I've tried every sound on the market and nothing compares to your "Snow Talker" CD's. From the low feed murmurs to the loud crisp barks nothing is as realistic as your snow goose sounds. I've even had other Guide Services ask me what I was running for sounds because it sounded so realistic! All I can say is that the "Snow Talker" sounds are second to none!

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