Snow Goose Hunting in Missouri

Snow goose hunting in Missouri is some of the finest wing shooting the Midwest has to offer. You can hunt light geese in both the spring and fall, but the “Show Me State” really shines during the Spring snow goose conservation order. Each year in late February and early March, snow geese stage in the Northwest corner of the state waiting for the snow line to progress farther north on their journey to the breeding grounds. With the right equipment (or guide) and help from mother nature, you can have a successful snow goose hunt this spring.

Three main light geese staging areas in Northwest Missouri

Their are three refuge areas that spring snow geese visit year after year on the migration north. They include Smithville Reservoir, Swan Lake Refuge, and Squaw Creek Refuge. All three of these staging areas are easily found on a map by looking 60-120 miles north/northeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

Snow goose hunting equipment

Snow goose hunting in Missouri during the spring season requires decoys, electronic calls, blinds, and an excellent location. You can find a detailed article about equipment needed for spring snow goose hunting at snow goose hunting over decoys.

Missouri Snow goose hunting guides

Below is a list of links for snow goose guides in Missouri

Snow Goose Specialists
Migrator Valley Outfitters
Top Gun Guide Service
Flyway hunting club
Up North Outdoors
Waterfowl Specialists

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Internet resources to help track current migration activity in Missouri

Missouri DNR snow goose hunting website
Missouri weekly harvest reports

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