Why Choose Performance Goose Calls

Late Season ActionPerformance Goose Calls have empowered goose hunters and professional guides to consistently become better goose callers and harvest more Canada geese.

And they will do the same for you!

Most importantly, the needs of goose hunters like yourself are being met with our short reed goose calls that will enable you to cluck fast, scream loud, and growl like an old gander.

You’re asking what makes our goose calls special?

Performance goose calls create a unique sound by implementing a new concept of a shaved wedge with a shaved reed. This design produces a goose call that is easy to use and has a loud and realistic sound.

Why will the Performance goose call design make it easier for you sound like a goose?

The shaved wedge allows Master Call Maker Chris Holste to put the best sounding gut and reed assembly inside a bore hole with a smaller diameter. This feature creates more built-in back pressure which allows you to produce faster, more consistent clucks and moans, with less air pressure. The shaved wedge and reed design has proved to be so successful that many users claim that Performance Goose Calls are the easiest playing short reed goose call on the Goose Callmarket.

Goose CallHow are Performance goose calls going to help you kill more geese?

Performance Goose calls will give you the advantage when goose hunting because there unique features will enable you to make the fast clucks and moansthat are so deadly on geese. You will be making these sounds after listening to the Free instructional CD that explains goose calling by someone who is NOT a world champ. This means you will get meaningful instruction from an instructor with the same background as you.

What Performance Goose call is perfect for for you?

We make three diffrent calls, the “Fast Talker”, “White Lightning”, and “H2O Talker”. Each call is designed for diffrent calling situations and abilities.

Questions? Please call or email Chris Holste:
651-983-9514 chris@performancecalls.com
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